5 points of interest in BODYSLAM! heading into 2021

2020 might have been a year that brought a lot of challenges with it. Many people might want to do their best to try and forget that the year happened entirely. Despite all the hardships caused by the COVID-19 pandemic BODYSLAM! Pro-Wrestling brought their all in the few events that were allowed to be held. Even though there were certain restrictions in place (such a low capacity and a mask requirement) the year thankfully ended up with some wrestling events taking place.

As 2020 came to an end a lot of things looked to be set up in BODYSLAM! as the promotion crowned new champions, and contenders finally seemed ready to take that last step to challenge for the title. With this 2021 looks to be an exciting year for BODYSLAM! so I will in this article point out 5 interesting things to look forward to in 2021.


5. Easy Lovers and the tag titles

2020 began with Captain Bodyslam turning on his friend, Toby Zane, to ditch his heroic identity and proceeded to call himself Jackpot. He joined up with Erik Sabel and Bam Bam Quaade and the group became known as the Easy Loverz. The rest of the year went well for the new trio, they spent a lot of time making life miserable for Toby Zane.

Towards the end of 2020, the trio found success in a new way, other than terrorizing Toby Zane. Picking up singles wins over both the tag champions, Michael Fynne and Tank. Easy Loverz are of the opinion that they are first in line when it comes to getting a shot at the tag titles.


4. Michael Fynne & Tank relationship post tag titles

Just like with Easy Lovers, 2020 started off on a high note for Michael Fynne & Tank. The student/teacher duo managed to win the tag titles by February and held them for most of 2020. When BODYSLAM! returned in the latter part of the year ended up being unfortunate for the duo as the Easy Loverz managed to screw both out of singles victories. Finally, RandersPagne ended Fynne & Tank’s 2020 on a sad note when they defeated them for the tag team titles.

It looked like there might have been cracks developed in the relationship between the two former champions already though, Tank looked livid after the loss and the team walked to the back separate. Will their 2021 be all about trying to regain what they have lost, or will they drop teaming and focus on their singles careers once again?


3. Carlos Zamora

Although Carlos Zamora had appeared a couple of times in BODYSLAM! in 2019. It was 2020 that turned out to be a breakout year for him, to the point where he was even in contention of the 2020 BODYSLAM! wrestler of the year. Appearing at the Scandi Graps Invitational where he made it to the semi-final before Emeritus eliminated him. Zamora then joined up with Pete Phoenix as Phoenix’s hitman. Zamora and Hype Boy, another of Pete Phoenix’s hired hitmen, failed to get their hands on the tag team titles and by the end of the year Zamora had to fight Hype Boy to make sure that Phoenix paid him his salary.

What is clear  is that Carlos Zamora made himself a name in BODYSLAM! throughout 2020, and 2021 is almost certain to provide more of Carlos Zamora in BODYSLAM!


2. RandersPagne’s open challenge

To understand RandersPagne’s 2020 you’d have to go back and look at how their 2019 went. At BODYSLAM! Scandinavian Slammasters RandersPagne faced off against tag team champions Swedish Elite. The match was actually won by RandersPagne, even though it was by disqualification. However, the end of the match was a disaster for the team as Swedish Elite injured one member of the team, Adonis, so badly that it was uncertain if he would ever return.

Almost a year later, to the day, the miracle happened, and Adonis was once again back in BODYSLAM! and reunited with Xander as the two set their sights on the new tag team champions, Michael Fynne & Tank. Winning the tag team tournament at BODYSLAM’s Big Score RandersPagne found themselves #1 contenders once again. And they ended 2020 on a high note, finally winning the BODYSLAM! tag team titles.

The number of challengers for RandersPagne’s titles are many, Easy Loverz, The Phoenix Fund and former champions, Michael Fynne & Tank. Swedish Elite would surely like a shot at the belts once they make their return to BODYSLAM! RandersPagne took it a step further as they challenged the tag teams of Europe to come to BODYSLAM! a challenge them for the belts as RandersPagne has staked their claim as the greatest tag team in Europe.


1. Emeritus and Peter Olisander implodes

For years, Emeritus has been at the side of Peter Olisander, he’s bailed him out when Olisander’s mouth got him in trouble, he’s handed him the BODYSLAM! title once he’s defended it. In general Emeritus has always been a devout follower of The Truth. 2020 turned out to be the year that proved what Emeritus’ limits were when it came to Olisander’s abuse.

It all began at the first show of 2020, Skråenslam when Emeritus emerged as the new #1 contender to Peter Olisander’s BODYSLAM! championship. Everyone thought that it would be a breeze for Olisander, as the most earnest of his followers surely wouldn’t challenge him. Emeritus at first showed some doubt as he seemed reluctant to just hand Olisander the title like usual. Throughout the years Emeritus and Olisander butted heads, but never came to blows. Olisander even breaking Emeritus’ newly won Scandi Graps Invitational trophy to prove a point.

It all came to a head when Emeritus and Olisander lost a tag team match to the Easy Lovers at BODYSLAM! Revenge. Olisander demanded that Emeritus step down as an active wrestler to focus on managing Olisander. This became too much for the Truth Apostle and the confrontation between the two former allies ended with the BODYSLAM! champion scurrying to the back.

Being named the 2021 wrestler of the year the sky is the limit for what Emeritus could now accomplish. His first goal is surely to get a piece of Peter Olisander, and hopefully the BODYSLAM! championship as well.

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