ScandiGraps Invitational 2023 – A look at the competitors

by: Lasse Korup Nielsen The biggest wrestling tournament in the Nordics returns in 2023 as BODYSLAM! once again brings the ScandiGraps Invitational to Voxhall in Aarhus. The wrestlers participating are, at this very moment, making the final preparations before it all goes down on the 8th of September. Participant #1: Ender Kara From: Stockholm, Sweden ScandiGraps Invitational experience: 2021 (semi-finalist), 2022 (semi-finalist) There is no doubt that Ender Kara is a favorite to make it far in this year’s field. He’s one of the more experienced wrestlers, when it comes to the ScandiGraps Invitational tournament. Making his BODYSLAM! debut at the 2021 SGI, Ender Kara quickly made himself known when he defeated Gabriel Faust to secure himself a spot at the semi-finals against the eventual winner of the tournament, Aliss Ink. The following tournament, he yet again managed to impress … Read More

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