ScandiGraps Invitational 2022 – Meet the semifinalists

by: Lasse Korup Nielsen Summer is upon us and as is the tradition that means the ScandiGraps Invitational tournament is happening. Four competitors are preparing themselves for the 27th of August when the semifinals and finals of the tournament will be taking place. The 2022 tournament has been redesigned a bit from the previous years as 2 quarterfinals were held last month when BODYSLAM held their event in Skagen, which ended with two semifinalists advancing to the next round. The other two semifinalists are wrestlers that have been personally invited to take part in the tournament. Another way the tournament has been redesigned is the addition of a wildcard match. During the show a multiperson wildcard match will be held, the winner of that match will be the “alternate” and ready to take over for any participant, should an injury … Read More

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