The History of Michael Fynne and Tank – from enemies to tag champions

Since the very first show, there have been two constants in BODYSLAM! “The Get High Bad Guy” Michael Fynne and Tank. The two of them main-evented the very first BODYSLAM! show, Tank was the first BODYSLAM! champion, Michael Fynne the second.

It is uncertain if Tank & Fynne will try to reclaim the tag titles that they lost to current champions, RandersPagne, or if the two of them will once again focus on singles competition.

While waiting for them to come to a decision let us take a look at how both men go to this point in their careers, starting from before BODYSLAM! even existed.

The Beginning

Before BODYSLAM! was a thing, Tank was one of the originals in Danish wrestling, he took a student and began teaching him the craft of pro wrestling. Michael Fynne was that student and while Tank eventually stepped away from the ring, Michael Fynne kept at it. It wasn’t until 2015, when Michael Fynne issued an open challenge for the very first BODYSLAM! show, that the mentor and the student would stand face to face in the squared circle.

Tank came back to wrestling as he could not recognize the man that Michael Fynne had turned into and sought to teach him a lesson. And so the main event of the first ever BODYSLAM! Show became the first ever meeting between a legend in Danish professional wrestling and his former student.

What began as a one off match where the mentor just wanted to teach his arrogant student some humility turned into a full fledged rivalry. The combatants put each other through tables and in the end fought for championship gold. Tank managed to become the first ever BODYSLAM! champion. Later, Michael Fynne took the title away from him after a reign that lasted almost an entire year.

The last time the two met in the ring was at BODYSLAM!’s WrestleFest 2 where Michael Fynne defended the title in a TLC match against his mentor. After that Michael Fynne continued on with his legendary 623 day reign, while Tank focused on the tag division, teaming with Mathew Burnett.

Common Enemy

Fast forward to October 2019 at BODYSLAM!’s Scandinavian Slammasters event. Both Tank and Michael Fynne hit a rough spot in their careers. Fynne was struggling with a losing streak ever since he lost the BODYSLAM! Championship and had been getting increasingly frustrated throughout the year.

Tank, meanwhile, had lost his tag team partner. Matthew Burnett had been injured when Swedish Elite hit him with a glass bottle to win the BODYSLAM! tag team championships. Tank thus found himself unable to pursue the champions and regain the titles. He was, however, on a small winning streak in singles competition and it all culminated at Scandinavian Slammasters where he challenged Peter Olisander for the BODYSLAM! championship.

The match with Olisander ended when Swedish Elite made their way to the ring and distracted Tank long enough for Olisander to pick up the victory, ending Tank’s dream of a second reign with the belt. The Swedes then put the boots to Tank, and looked to further injure him when Michael Fynne came down. It looked like Fynne was about to once again put his mentor down and take all the frustration out on him.

Thankfully that was not how it went as Fynne turned on Swedish Elite, chasing them out of the ring before offering his hand and assisted Tank to his feet. Scandinavian Slammasters ended with mentor and student standing united in the middle of the ring.


The last show of 2019, The Snapmare Before Christmas had Swedish Elite retaining their tag titles and claiming there is no challengers left. Tank then came out, Michael Fynne was the next one to come through the curtain. Together Tank & Fynne had Swedish Elite scramble out of the ring, the message was clear though, Fynne and Tank would be the ones to go after Swedish Elite’s tag team titles.

Before receiving a championship match, Fynne & Tank would have to prove their worth as a tag team. And at the first event of 2020, SkråenSlam became the place where Fynne & Tank would face Swedish Elite in a non-title match. After managing to beat the two Swedes the real challenge would begin at the next BODYSLAM! show when the titles would be on the line.

The next show was BODYSLAM!’s This Ain’t A Scene It’s An Armbar, the atmosphere was at a boiling point at this point, the passionate Danish crowd singing the national anthem in support for the mentor/student team. Finally, the show ends with Fynne & Tank being successful and able to hoist the BODYSLAM! tag team championships high over their heads.

What’s next?

The rest of 2020 was mixed for the team. At the Scandi Graps Invitational Fynne & Tank came to the aid of Toby Zane against the nefarious Easy Loverz and managed to send them packing. At BODYSLAM!’s Big Score event the champions were in singles competition. Fynne managed to defeat the Hungarian soldier, Hunyadi Tamas. And even though Tank beat ‘Sick’ Rick Dominick, he was then challenged by Bam Bam Quaade. It looked like Tank would get the second victory of the night until Quaade’s partner, Jackpot, distracted Tank long enough for Quaade to picking up the victory.

In November BODYSLAM! Had two event in one day. The afternoon show saw Tank and Fynne in a non-title math, competing against Carlos Zamora and Hype Boy. Tank and Fynne got the victory, but ahead of them were the #1 contenders to their titles, RandersPagne.

Our tale, so far, ends at BODYSLAM! Revenge when Tank and Fynne makes their first defense of the tag team titles. Across from them stands the team of RandersPagne, who has their first title shot since losing to Swedish Elite a year earlier at Scandinavian Slammasters, coincidentally where the seeds for the Tank & Fynne tag team were sown. The Match was a true showcase of the naturally gifted tag team against two naturally gifted singles wrestlers. The result of the match was the victory of RandersPagne who gained their first BODYSLAM! Tag team championship.

As of now Michael Fynne & Tank are standing at a crossroads, will they continue tagging with each other with the goal of trying to regain the tag titles that they lost? Or have they had enough of tagging with each other and will once again seek individual glory as singles wrestlers?

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